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Learning Labs
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STAR Chicago, Society of Talent Acquisition & Recruitment
is pleased to announce the formation of the 2018 Learning Labs

Learning Labs are designed to be curriculum-based training sessions that focus on a myriad of hands-on skills development for recruiters and recruiting leaders alike. STAR Chicago has developed strategic relationships with innovative Talent Acquisition thought leaders who will address your most pressing recruiting challenges. Learning Labs will provide you with valuable insights that will enhance your capabilities across the talent acquisition landscape. We will be adding suburban locations in the latter part of 2018. 

These new Learning Labs were developed as part of our enhanced focus of Professional Development and in line with our commitment to the advancement of staffing and talent acquisition professionals.


Wednesday, February 21
Webinar | Sourcing Without Limits, Going Beyond the Basics by Leveraging OSINT (Open Source Intelligence Tools)

Presenter: Todd B Davis, Senior Sourcer, Talent Attraction - Leadership, Indeed

Developing your sourcing strategy and knowing the right tools to use is key to targeting and finding the right candidates.  But sometimes standard sourcing tools just won’t do. As positions become harder and harder to fill you must dig deeper and find more information than ever.  Do you utilize more than basic sourcing tools?  Do you know how?

Wednesday, March 21

Demystifying Name Generation Research

Presenter: Mitch Golob, President - Corporate Navigators, LLC

It’s a known fact that finding talent is becoming more and more difficult in this tight talent market.  The best recruiters know that to attract top talent they need to create and execute a defined candidate research process. But there is a certain magic to finding the right people…and getting them to talk to you!  What is the magic behind this process? How do you prepare?  How do you get candidates to talk to you, what are the techniques?  Are there tips you can use?

Tuesday, April 24
Webinar | Employment Law

Presenter: Patrick F. Moran, Partner - Gordon & Rees

Employers are always rightfully concerned about legal liability at the separation of employment. But frequently overlooked are the issues involved during the recruiting process. Sometimes issues arise in the first employer/candidate interactions that can taint the entire potential relationship and lead to litigation. This webinar will focus on some of the newest hot-button issues in talent acquisition. Click here to listen to the playback

Wednesday, June 13
Breaking Through Recruiting Roadblocks

Mike Demirjian, Vice President Global Talent Acquisition - Takeda
Dave Perel, Director Talent Acquisition - Huron Consulting Group
Charles Bretz, Senior Manager Talent Acquisition - PLS Financial Services

Do you ever feel like you and the hiring manager are not on the same team? Or have the nagging sense that everyone has separate agendas? Hiring Managers say recruiters don’t know what they are looking for, recruiters say Hiring Managers don’t know or keep changing the qualifications they are looking for in a position. Who’s right? And how do you get past it? Click here to learn more...

Wednesday, August 29
Secret Sourcing Hacks

Presenter: Angie Verros, CEO & Founder - Vaia Talent 

Have you ever wondered where to find those "hard to find" candidates? Are you looking in the right places? What are the right tools to use for different roles? In today's competitive market, the rise of AI, aka “the robots,” and the emergence of sourcing tools, finding top talent today is easier than ever. The hard part? Trying to figure out which tools & technologies work best and when to use them for what roles. Many of us have faced this problem. In this session, you will learn how to use some pretty cool new technologies in order to find top talent. We may even go a little old school and talk some boolean. It's not as hard as you think! Click here to learn more...

Wednesday, November 7
A Recruiter's Guide to Talent Assessment 

Presenter: Brendan Neuman, Ph.D.

As unemployment reaches historic lows, organizations’ need to select and invest in the right talent becomes increasingly crucial. The marketplace for talent assessments is crowded, and filled with exciting technological advances. However, HR leaders are faced with a staggering number of choices, and the costs of inaccurate talent assessment – financial, cultural, and otherwise – are significant. Click here to learn more...